Six complaints to the BBC about last Saturday’s same-sex kiss on Doctor Who.

Over eight hundred complaints about the Great British Bake Off’s baked Alaska scandal.

I love this country.

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Anonymous said: Do you think I should go to Donington next year?

Donington is more spectator friendly than Silverstone, and the bikes will look less tiny on a smaller track.

Go for it anon! There’s always the Circuit of Wales in 2016. :)

Anonymous said: We all know about your thigh rubbing ways!

Best way to keep them smooth anon. *Innocent face*



Something’s got to be done about the amount I growl when looking at MotoGP riders. 

It’s not family friendly.

I have no idea what you’re talking about *whistlesinnocently*

*Stops licking computer screen* Say what now?


just so you know, i just drank wine straight from the bottle. on a tuesday evening.

Not even a straw Mims! Get yourself together girl.

smartassriver replied to your post: “Questions, asked and answered :D I was tagged by my favourite Finn,…”:
*gasp* POL?! Also - california eh? for school?

Always Pol. Abstastic! No a work placement.

Anonymous said: How the debate about Jorge's comments went down in the MotoGP fandom: "Oh Jorge, you little sourpuss. You do look adorable when you pout like a stubborn child who didn't get his favourite flavour of candy at the store. Somebody should gif this interview. In black & white. With hot pink subs." Including the Jorge fans. How the debate would've gone down in the F1 fandom: "Fuck you, Marc!" "Fuck you, Jorge!" "FUCK YOU MARQUEZ FAN!" "NO, FUCK YOU, LORENZO FAN!" "YOU AIRHEAD!" "TURD!"

Pretty much spot on there anon. :)

I love F1, but I sure hate the F1 Fandom drama.


can we talk about how Uccio is feeling about this?

"I’ve dedicated my life to you, but fine, kiss HER first."


can we talk about how Uccio is feeling about this?

"I’ve dedicated my life to you, but fine, kiss HER first."

Anonymous said: LOVE how everybody got all twisted up about the Jorge comments earlier... I guess I still have a bad taste in my mouth for his 250cc attitude- I do appreciate the progress, but hey we all have our own favs and what not

Dude that whole debate was about 1000% more mature than any I’ve seen in the F1 fandom. That’s why I like the MotoGP fans so much.

But yeah you’re right. We like and support who we like and that’s that. No one is right and no one is wrong. :)

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