hellyeahjev said: Ahh I don't know why it took so long to learn you were from Wales too :'3

Well I don’t want to shout it too loud. It makes the non Welsh people jealous. ;)

Marc about watching the Australian Moto3 race

Marc about watching the Australian Moto3 race


So I’ve found my new favourite photo of Jev…


So I’ve found my new favourite photo of Jev…

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Cal about his changes in the Phillip Island race during post-quali press conference

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napoleonbonapartevevo replied to your post: “Update on Annoying Pregnant FB Friend”:
Man, now I’m excited for this baby!

It’s going to be bigger than what the Virgin Mary got up to in that stable.

lyra-rose replied to your post: “Update on Annoying Pregnant FB Friend”:
Oh you are in for so much fun. I predict practise contraction updates, at least 2 false labours plus one “is this poo normal” photo by march…

Oh I already have a FB Friend that took photos of the potty when she was toilet training her daughter. Why? *Barf*

cirkwit replied to your post: “Update on Annoying Pregnant FB Friend”:
it’s only gonna get better!

I’m on the edge of my seat about the baby shower. That’s going to be her shining moment.

Update on Annoying Pregnant FB Friend

All these posts have happened within the last 24hrs.

• She and her husband have just returned from their ‘Babymoon’. (Apparently this is a thing now?)

• Thanked her father, brother and nephew for clearing out her spare room, so ‘operation nursery’ can begin. So many smiley face emoticon!

• Signed a petition to get Tesco to provide parking spaces for pregnant women. (Can’t they use the Mother and baby ones? Do pregnant women only shop in Tesco?)

• Posted an article about men who pretend to be asleep, so they don’t have to get up when their baby is crying. She tagged her husband into it saying, “This won’t be happening.”

Due date is the middle of January. I can’t wait.

Anonymous said: You know what they say in psychology class about people who feel the need to express negative traits about other people, especially when these allegations seem unfounded? That they are merely using those other people as a mirror to express their own negative traits. Miller has been the disappointment of the year in the moto classes, as far as I'm concerned. He remains a rider with very good skills that could become quite lethal (time and straight to MotoGp will tell) but his attitude is just no.

Jack has disappointed me this year. I always thought he was a plucky, get back up and keep going, sort of guy. I mean how many times has he broken his collarbone since he’s been in Moto3? He’s a tough cookie, and he’s very talented.

But his attitude stinks this year. Yes getting into, and staying in, the World Championship has been tough both physically and financially for him. But that’s the case for loads of young people in all forms of Motorsport. He’s got Aki Ajo in his corner now, he’s hardly scrabbling around in the dirt.

Maybe MotoGP will provide him with the big slice of humble pie he needs?

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